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We are proud to be a partner of United Way Ottawa. In May, 2012 we were the recipient of the United Way Ottawa’s “Growing up Great” award, which is awarded annually to a community member or organization that is working to improve conditions for children and youth in their community, so they have the opportunity to succeed. Recipients of this award are helping ensure that more kids enter school ready to learn, and that vulnerable children and youth have healthy, safe opportunities to learn and grow outside of school hours.

This year, our Better Beginnings Better Futures team was recognized with this award for working to improve conditions for children and youth in our community so they can reach their full potential and succeed in their lives both now and in the future. In March of 2013, our organization’s name will be permanently etched onto the Wall of Inspiration located at City Hall alongside the names of previous years “Community Builder Award” recipients.   It is a great honour for our team to be recognized for their tireless efforts over the last 20 years to support the children and youth in our community, and perhaps what we feel is more important, is the recognition that working with vulnerable children and youth in our society is VERY important and that when they are given support and opportunities, these children and youth can and will succeed.