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Research Component

Better Beginnings Better Futures was originally a provincial research project. It was the first long-term prevention policy research demonstration project of its kind in Canada.  The research project is unique because it looks at all aspects of a community for change: the children, the families, as well as the community as a whole. While the focus is on children up to the age of eight years old, the progress of these children, their families and their neighbourhoods will be followed until the children are in their mid-twenties. The research was funded by the Ministries of Health, Education and Training, and Community and Social Services.

In 1993, the South-East Ottawa Centre for a Healthy Community (SEOCHC) and its partners were chosen as one of the original site. Every site had a ‘Site Researcher’ who was responsible for all research activities in the area. The Site Researcher was part of a group of university-based researchers, who also works closely with a group in the community. In South-East Ottawa, the group was named the Research Working Group’, and was made up of community residents, program staff as well as research staff.

The research component of Better Beginnings Better Futures was designed to answer three questions:

  • Is the Better Beginnings Better Futures Model effective and how large are the program effects?
  • Is the Better Beginnings Better Futures Model affordable?
  • What are the structures and processes associated with the program development and results?

In 2006, SEOCHC received funding from the Social Development Partnerships Program of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Canada to conduct research on social inclusion at BBBF. The Our Place- Learning in Motion Initiative looked at how the Better Beginnings Better Futures program has contributed to social inclusion of children and families living in the BBBF community.

For more information on the research component of BBBF see Research and Publications