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The Our Place-Learning in Motion Initiative was funded by the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program. The qualitative participatory study looked at how Better Beginnings Better Futures, a primary prevention program has contributed to social inclusion in a socially disadvantages neighbourhood. 

Position Paper: The Ontario Better Beginnings Better Futures Network 2015

What Makes it Ours (2008)
This final report provides a best practices blueprint in the development, implementation and evaluation of an engaging and inclusive community for families with young children. (Francais)

Our Place: Social Inclusion at Better Beginnings Better Futures (2008)
The document gives examples of barriers to inclusion that were identified during the Our Place research and the strategies that were developed to try and overcome those barriers.

Powerpoint presentation. (Francais)

Lessons Learned from the Our Place-Learning in Motion Initiative (2008)
An article published as part of the proceeding for the Third International Community-University Exposition (CUexpo 2008) in Victoria, British Columbia English.

“We All Drink the Same Coffee” (2006)
The report looks at the methodology used in the initial stage of the Our Place initiative, including the research questions, hiring and training of interviewers, data gathering and analysis. There is also an examination of the links between the data and the values and tenets of the BBBF programs and services. English

(Funded by the Government of Ontario)

In 1993, Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services launched its longitudinal policy research demonstration project. The goals of the BBBF prevention model were to reduce the incidence of long-term emotional and behavioural problems, promote optimal child development and strengthen the ability of communities to respond to the needs of children and families. Beginning in 1993, children at 11 Ontario sites were to be followed through to their mid-twenties. In 1997, the sites went from research demonstration sites to full-funded community development sites.

Project Sustainability Report: Summary (2006)
The report provided data on children entering Senior Kindergarten in 2003 who lived in the BBBF neighbourhoods. Five areas of child development were assessed. The assessment results showed that the objectives being set by the South-East Ottawa program were being met.  Children living in the Ottawa BBBF neighbourhoods had higher scores in all five areas assessed compared to a comparison group of children who did not have BBBF programs and to all but one of the Province of Ottawa average scores. English

PACT - Parents and Children Together (2006)
This summary report gives background information and a brief evaluation of the PACT project.  PACT was developed to encourage physical activity amongst children and their caregivers. The PACT project followed an initiative called Play for Life which was developed within the Better Beginnings Better Futures community to increase the physical activity of preschool children. English

Planting Seeds of Hope (1999)
The document gives an overview of the dynamics between the people and the programs that have given Better Beginnings Better Futures (South-East Ottawa) its unique flavour. Includes a short historical perspective. English.

The Healing Effects of Caring (1997)
A collection of stories as related by people who were residents of the community and who had had a significant experience with Better Beginnings Better Futures. English with three stories in Somali and one in French.

Better Beginnings Better Futures: Background Documentation
The background documentation outlines the original site objectives as well as the vision and objectives for the three program areas- Family Visiting, Parent/Child Programs, and Community Programs.