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Better Beginnings Better Futures

The Healing Effects of Caring - Stories From A Community

December 1997

Written consent has been obtained from every person who offered their story, as well as from those whose picture appears in photographs. People appearing in photographs are not related in any way to the stories.

Identifying information has been removed. However, Better Beginnings Better Futures realizes that complete anonymity has its restrictions, as these stories are not fictional.

The title, ‘The Healing Effects of Caring’ is borrowed from a story, utilized with written consent.

Thank you to Magic Reproductions for their contribution.

Interviews and Tape-Recording: Pamela Turpin, Site Researcher
Transcription: Valérie Gaston
Somali Interpretation and Translation: Marian Yusuf, Research Assistant/Interpreter
French Translation: Pamela Turpin, Site Researcher
Final Formatting: Larry Elderbroom, Administrative Coordinator
Final Editing: Leslie McDiarmid, Project Coordinator
Printing and Binding: Magic Reproductions

Document (themes, preparation of stories, etc.) written by Pamela Turpin, with assistance from the Better Beginnings, Better Futures Research Working Group members, Nancy Beauchamp, Shukri Djama, June Dale, Sheena Closs, Ruth Taaffe, Marian Yusuf and Leslie McDiarmid, whose help and encouragement were greatly appreciated.

Conversations were recorded between March and June, 1997.

Better Beginnings Better Futures (Ottawa site) is a program of:

To obtain a copy of this book, or for more information or assistance, please contact Better Beginnings Community House, at 1485 Heatherington Rd., Unit #22, or call (613) 523-2223 (BBBF). For more information, call Better Beginnings, Better Futures Research Project, Pamela Turpin, Site Researcher, at (613) 562-5800, ext.4093.